Aculux Initia

Aculux initia™ 3″ is our newest architectural luminaire suited for budget-sensitive projects while delivering exceptional performance and design flexibility.

Brightline CME 2 Huddle Room Light

The quick set-up Credenza or Wall-mount fixtures provide the ideal tool for those hard-to-light yet perfect-to-collaborate spaces throughout your facilities.

Eureka Knit

Knit features a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that increases acoustic comfort in a space.


VoksLyte™ creates the highest quality, custom curved illuminated light contours, in pendant, surface mounted and recessed form factors.

Sensor Switch JOT

The SensorSwitch™ JOT enabled solution uses one-of-a-kind wireless dimming technology for an effortless way to install and pair JOT enabled lighting fixtures and controls.

Lithonia Switchable LDNs

LDN Switchable, the newest member of the Lithonia Lighting® LDN Family, provides new driver capabilities including switchable CCTs and lumens, and multiple dimming options.

Peerless Renna

Now available with more twists and turns, create a one-of-a kind look with Renna or keep it simple with a linear run. And with the addition of the vertex sensor and Sensorview, Modulus™ gives you even more configurability than before.

Electric Mirror

Lit mirrors add a vibrant illumination  that can’t be replicated by other sources.

Hess Mosaic

An illuminated site column that also make an artistic statement.

nLight Unitouch

Touchscreen wall switch providing seamless control of multiple luminaires and devices on the nLight lighting controls platform.

ANP EQ Collection

The equilibrium of aesthetics, performance, and comfort for architectural site lighting.

SPI Pavo 2” Horizontal

Flawless end-to-end illumination with no visible shadowing and full 360° of evenly-emitted light.

Winona Winline 500 Series

Exterior and interior linear for cove, wall wash, and graze. Static white, tunable white, and RGBW.


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